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Vin Diesel´s Wheelman Reviews


"Sound: 8.5 | The soundtrack was awesome. There were a variety of different genres of music on the soundtrack, and it worked perfectly for the game. The soundtrack is packed full of a variety of different songs that will have you ready to steal cars or die trying." Game Zone

"The Good: Great cinematic chase music. Thankfully, the music fits perfectly, with a Spanish-influenced soundtrack for the game's many loading screens, and an orchestral score that adds to the urgency of the chases." Game Spot

"The music in Wheelman is also quite good, supplying a perfect mix of calm and heart-pounding tunes that fit the action on screen." Cheat Code Central

"The sound track consists of orchestral tense music and it really sets the mood of a fast paced action thriller." Escapist Magazine

"The game has wonderful music that crashes you into the car chases. It is intense and pounding and adds to the intensity and hype!"

"What was impressive, when you could hear it, was the game's score. Instead of the usual sludge of generic licensed songs that plague open world games, Wheelman had an original soundtrack clearly inspired by the music of the actual classic car chase films, and it perfectly captured the way a good film uses music."

"Tracks were purely instrumental, monumental during major car chases and then light and airy during relaxed scenes. Moving toward enemies provoked tense music, while bursts of action called for suitable bursts of brass and heavy synth bass."

"The music did a lot to help imagine the finished product while playing the early version, and in the final game could prove to be a marvelous finishing touch." Worthplaying | pre-release review

Wreckman: Rise Of A Hero

wreckman peque"WreckMan surprised with such a true rock and roll soundtrack, along with funky guitar riffs."

"Impressive rocking metal music tracks. Soundtrack 9,5"

"The visuals are crisp and the novelty metal soundtrack really ties it all together nicely."

"The atmosphere is brilliant, the music too, and somehow you are constantly playing with a grin. The entertainment factor is achieved."

Pro Zombie Soccer: Apocalypse Edition Reviews


"Deluxe and great to listen to soundtrack."| AppAdvice |

"Heart-Pounding Music." | iPadModo |

"Awesome Soundtrack" | GeekAdelphia |

"Rocking Music: The Badolato soundtrack is suitably metal for the zombie-killing action, and gets the blood pumping."| |

"For veteran players, having great music is really important within games, and Pro Zombie Soccer: Apocalypse Edition delivers. If you really want to get into the gameplay and enjoy the sound tracks, bust out the speakers - it really is enjoyable to listen to the crazy rock music in the background, which is varied as well. There are many different songs available, and it’s one of the few Video Game soundtracks I would actually be willing to buy! (That’s saying a lot.)

Sound: - 5/5 - Awesome rock soundtrack, well varied and likeable. There’s not much more you could ask from a game now adays." | Mobile Tech Review |

"Awesome presentation: Great Sound and Graphics" | Horrible Night |

"Great Music" | Mi |

"The head-banging heavy metal soundtrack fits perfectly with the over-the-top zombie apocalypse theme." | |

"The game also features original music which is pretty good and suits the game very well. Fast pace rock music will play for your zombie killing pleasure, which is exactly the type of music you want to hear when playing a game like this." | |

"Cool soundtrack music that will pump up your energy while battling through the hordes." | |

Pro Zombie Soccer Reviews



"The Music Behind Pro Zombie Soccer"
| The Music Cycle |

"Porque una nota vale más que mil polígonos: Pro Zombie Soccer Soundtrack" (Spanish)
| Feel The Byte|  


"The soundtrack to this game is killer. Driving drums, overdriven guitars, and intense string sounds deliver the perfect mood setting for destroying zombies." | NodPad |

"To top everything off, Pro Zombie Soccer has an incredible soundtrack. It’s like symphonic heavy metal mixed with gameplay kickassery." | DiyGamer |

"The graphics and music are fantastic." Zombie Command

"Cinematic horror-grind soundtrack". Score: 5/5 

"The music has the quality of a grade A zombie movie soundtrack." | Techno Brains |

"The soundtrack… what a soundtrack! absolutely epic rocking beats acompaign each and every level of the game providing an unique ambientation that is going to keep us immersed and excited during the battles." Feel The Byte

"Adrenaline pumping soundtrack"

"A brilliant soundtrack, if not outstanding."

"..The soundtrack is intricate as well with different soundtracks per environment. The sound effects are deluxe.." | Gameplay 9.5, Sound/Music 9.5, Graphics 9.5, Game Controls 9.5, Replayability 9.5 "Must buy"

"Cool soundtrack music that will pump up your energy while battling through the hordes."

"To accompany the great graphics, is just as great sound! The soundtrack is relevant to the enviroment, the sounds are appropriate and all of it are executed well! The soundtrack, on more than one occasion, actually helped me focus alot more than I could with other games." Review Forums Sound 5/5

"I want to give a big compliment about the music as well; I am a music major (viola performance) and I compose electronica and ambient style music, so when I heard this I went crazy. It really drives the game, like how Morricone's music drives The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly." | Evan Vicic - Reviews Writer NodPad |

"In order to keep that atmosphere alive, (PZS) features a soundtrack with a lot of punch, loaded with guitars, beats and some gloomy loops. It is worth to grant a honorable mention to this section (music), in fact I recommend to take a good headphone set every time you play PZS. The good: Solid concept enhanced by graphics and soundtrack." Niubie

"...everything is a delight and full of details.  It really is! The music is no exception, although varied and rhythmic, it fits perfectly and nicely in the game and supports the sound effects, wich still felt good."

"The soundtrack is very fitting, a nice surprise as most titles seem to fail in this area."

"Pro Zombie Soccer mixes survival shooter and tower deffense game styles, featuring an excellent soundtrack and very fluid graphics."

"The extra for the game are actually quite good, specially the great soundtrack for the game you can listen to." Score 5/5

"Pro Zombie is accompanied by atractive graphics and very good music and sound design created by Jorge and Guillermo Badolato. Each of the compositions accompain the atmosphere that is wanted to be created, being it suspense, fast action or a feeling of danger...”

"The game has an original heavy metal soundtrack that will pump you up while unleashing hell."

"The music rocks pretty hard, and really suits the overall mood of the game. The sound effects compliment the visuals nicely. All the zombies have their grunts and groans, and some extra noises that pop up every now and again fit any nicely."  iPhonelife

"All the sounds in Pro Zombie Soccer involve moaning and groaning, which are very fitting since as far as we know those are the only sound that zombies make. The music on the other hand is epic with death metal flare. Nice! The best part of it all is that there are 16 different sound tracks. The devs even put a music section so the player could listen to the music without playing the level. If you get tired of the music then you're out of luck. Pro Zombie Soccer doesn't allow you to play your own music. In truth, the background music is perfect for the gameplay."

"Sound: The sound is on pair with everything else, always providing a frenzy sensation to the game. The sound effects are varied, well done, never becoming annoying. The guys from Badolato Music did both the whole original soundtrack, and all the sound effects of the game, and they did it to perfection."

"..really well made music & sound effects, accompany the action without being too intrusive." iPhoneItalia Overall Game Score: 8/10

"What was even more interesting however was the music player in the ‘Extra’ menu." TouchAholics Overall Game Score: 5/5

"Music/Sound: 8/10. PZS (soundtrack) is made up of well worked out melodies that doesn´t get repetitive thanks to the good variety of themes included. The sfx are also good" Hardgame2

"The game has a rockin’, heart-thumping soundtrack, complete with a sweet guitar riff (and slow motion) when you complete a level." | AppAddict |

"Ambient music sets the mood, and keeps your energy level high." | user comment: "...and that music in the trailer is really great too." | SlideToPlay |

"Aesthetics, music and gameplay are brilliant." | Feel The Bite |

"The music and graphics were excellent." | |

"The music has that rock flavour that gives emotion to the game, leaving no time to relax" | Topo Farmer |

"The background music is as beautiful as the graphics style" | Touch-Mania |

"Is that music from the game? F*cking awesome.?" (user comment) | Touch Arcade |

"Background music helps maintain the tension high" | Spazio Iphone |

"The graphics and music were superb" | Touch arcade hardcore forum user |

"Graphics and Artwork - Simply Mindblowing, Menu Design - Brilliant, Music - Amazing, Gameplay - Really fun" | Touch arcade hardcore forum user |

Little Red Riding Hood´s Zombie BBQ Reviews


"Sound: 8.8 - The music is pretty much perfect—each song is creepy, exciting, and memorable. Beyond that, expect to hear plenty of moans, gunshots, and Red’s adorable voice announcing what weapon you’ve just equipped."

"The music is just flat-out awesome—it reminds me of Zombies Ate My Neighbors, and totally lives up to the soundtrack of that classic shooter. The tunes manage to be creepy and rockin’ at the same time, and perfectly fit the mood of the game."

"The game’s real stand-out feature, is its audio. There’s not much voice work in the game, but the few bits here and there (like Red shouting “Zombie Barbecue!” at the title screen) are pretty cool." Gamezone

"I must say I was quite surprised by the sound in this game. The music is astonishingly catchy, while unobtrusive to the gameplay. Sound effects are pretty run of the mill and simple, while the voice acting… stereotypical is a rough word to use, so let’s say… thematic instead. Perky and/or butch voices with thick Japanese accents fill the game. “Shotu-gun!” and “Framethrower!” said with such enthusiasm and enjoyment seem to take away any offense to be had. Sound quality is solid, enjoyable, and amusing, all at once." Diehardgamefan

"The game has a great old school soundtrack to it." Reviewbuster

Doodle Hex Reviews


"Sound 8.5/10 - A great soundtrack is backed up by cool character music. Doodle Hex has a very bright and vibrant design as well as awesome character music that adds to the atmosphere." Myds

"The music is crystal clear and suits the atmosphere of the title." Zentendo

"Sound 8.0/10 | There's a surprising amount of good quality music samples, usually reflecting each fighter's place of origin." Ds.Ign

"The music is all very unique and very catchy." Zentendo


logo-midway.gris "Badolato was a pleasure to work with. They provided a great value for what we needed, and a very high quality of music. They were very easy to work with and adjusted to our requests. I would use them again in a heartbeat."

Shaun Himmerick
VIN DIESEL´S WHEELMAN Producer | Executive Producer and Interim Studio Head at MIDWAY NEWCASTLE

"Working with Badolatomusic was a complete joy. They delivered 50% of the in-game musical scores for Wheelman and most of the cutscene music. Their music fitted perfectly with the tense missions and atmosphere of the game.

When things got tight and changes to cutscenes where needed they re-scored the music to fit, they delivered time and time again without one complaint. I highly recommend these guys as professional and accomplished musicians

Craig Beattie

"Badolato Music is a great resource for contemporary as well as Spanish music for video games and film. Their focus in interactive media has allowed them to create incredible score and radio style songs for AAA video games. Their styles blend Orchestral, Dance, Pop, and Spanish traditional music in a way that is extremely compelling and unique.

Badolato's sound and quality stands above the predictable, expensive, and boring composers who claim most of the video game work these days. Badolato follow directions in detail and deliver on time.

Finally, Badolato's creative approach is refreshing, fun, and edgy. I hope they make more music for the games that I play. Top qualities: Great Results, On Time, Creative

Mark T. Morrison
Business Development, UBISOFT USA. (Prev. VP, Licensing at MIDWAY GAMES, Content Manager ATARI)

"Fanciful Arts Animation is an animation company dedicated to producing and providing services for hand drawn animation. It’s founding member Christopher Doyle has collaborated in direction, production and animation on almost 20 feature animated films over the past 25 years.

Recently Fanciful Arts completed it’s first made for tv movie in which Badolato Music contributed by providing the music, sound effects and music and sound effects editing. Their contribution was fundamental to the production for many reasons.

The excellent score they provided for the pilot paved the way for distribution deals that sealed the financing of the project. During the production itself they created terrific melodies for songs as well as providing the soundtrack and as mentioned, participated creatively in the sound effects track.

The end result is one of the film’s strengths and its success can greatly be attributed to the work of Jorge and Guillermo. | Top qualities: Great Results, High Integrity, Creative."

Christopher Doyle

"I was looking for a studio that would both create great songs and also respect some technical constraints we had on our new DS projects. I have to say that Badolato Music met all my expectations in these areas.

They have a good technical knowledge and managed to develop their creativity the way players won’t notice musicians were given any technical limit to the sound creation.

Working with them has been as smooth as it can be, requested changes were done quickly, compositions were always good and work was always delivered on time.

Overall, Badolato is one of the best sound creation studios I’ve worked with in my 20 years in the business. I would recommend them anytime!"

Rubén Gómez
Executive Producer, VIRTUAL TOYS [on 2 Ubisoft´s videogames]

logo.big.head"Both brothers have composed and produced tracks for our PS3 game Elefunk and our iPhone game International Snooker and in both cases produced tracks way above expectations, friendly, easy to get on with and high quality results."

Dave Vout
Co-owner and Director, BIG HEAD GAMES LTD.

“I’ve personally met Badolato brothers in a cafeteria in Madrid. I needed to talk with them about the music for Fritz Chess DS videogame, which I was producing for GAMMICK ENTERTAINMENT S.L. on those days. The first impression I had was as if I was talking to friends of mine.

They are a pleasant pair, really enthusiastic about their work of composing music for videogames. It surprised me how quick they could understand the kind of music I liked for the game, because in short time I received at work some samples they had composed. I heard the samples and really loved them, so I simple gave them green light to compose the rest of the music.

They are very creative, controlling very well different music styles and having the technical knowledge about how music is implemented on videogames (WAV, Midi…). Few months ago, I personally recommended them on VIRTUAL TOYS, the videogames company where I’m currently working.

I’m really happy once again with the music they have composed for the game I’m currently working on. It’s just I simply will recommend again to anyone who want to work with competitive musicians."

Francesc Xavier Fradera