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EMI Production Music | SATV: World Sports Promos  
"Contributed with some original Epic / Hi-Energy music for a World Sports Promos album by Emi Production Music & SATV (SKY Channel´s Label). Featuring Live Strings Recordings.

Used on Sky Channel´s World Game spots, adds and broadcasting." EMI Production Music
Trailer Music Album: Fierce Attacks  
"Dramatic action-packed trailer tracks composed in 3 acts with increasing intensity to high intensity. Heavy rock guitars with orchestra and electronica". 12 main tracks, 96 versions for broadcasting use". Sonoton Music GmbH & Co.

All tracks composed, produced and recorded by Jorge & Guillermo Badolato (2014).
Music Tracks:Kick-Ass 2  
We composed & produced some cinematic tracks for this Next-gen/Pc videogame based on the Feature Film.

Freedom Factory Studios | UIG Entertainment. (2013)
WRECKMAN:Rise of a Hero  
Created the audio for the full game: Original Soundtrack (In-game & cinematics), Sound Design & SFX, Voice-over production.  

"Impressive rocking metal music tracks. Soundtrack 9,5"  
"The atmosphere is brilliant, the music too."  
"WreckMan surprised with such a true rock and roll soundtrack."
Ubisoft´s:Far Cry 3  
Some of our original music has been licensed for this Award Winning videogame by Ubisoft. (Playstation 3 / XBOX 360)

Trailer Music Tracks:Battle Dragon  
We composed & produced some powerful cinematic tracks for this Trailer Music release by Superior Music Audio.

The collection features Action-Adventure Cinematic Themes, Orchestra, Choirs, Nu-Metal Guitars and Epic Drums.
Pro Zombie Soccer Apocalypse:Best Original Soundtrack  
Jorge & Guillermo Badolato´s PZS soundtrack finalist
"Best Original Soundtrack" Award, Gamelab 2011 Awards
Pro Zombie Soccer Soundtrack:NOW on iTunes  
Sound: - 5/5 - Awesome rock soundtrack, well varied and likeable. There’s not much more you could ask from a game now adays." | Mobile Tech Review |

~ Awards:
Finalist Best Original Soundtrack Award, 2011 Gamelab.
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Badolato Music on TV:AXN´s "Insert Coin"  
We were recently interviewed for this videogame show, wich is being aired on both AXN and ANIMAX TV channels.  

"A few weeks ago, we talked with the composers @ Badolato Music. Among their works you´ll find a lot of games... more likely than not, chances are you've heard some of their music.."   logo_ubisoft.ok   logo_microsoft.ok   logo_tigon.ok   logo_consola.iphone.ok   logo_playstation.ok   logo_consola.nintendo.ds.ok   logo_scea.ok   logo_consola.wii.ok

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