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Trailer Music Album (2014):Fierce Attacks
Dramatic action-packed trailer tracks composed in 3 acts with increasing intensity to high intensity. Heavy rock guitars with orchestra and electronica. Sonoton Music GmbH & Co.

Music Tracks:Kick-Ass 2  
We composed & produced some cinematic tracks for this upcoming Next-gen/Pc videogame based on the Feature Film.

Freedom Factory Studios | UIG Entertainment. (2013)
WRECKMAN:Rise of a Hero  
Full game audio: Original Soundtrack (In-game & cinematics), Sound Design & SFX, Voice-over production.

Comming out real soon!

Ubisoft´s:Far Cry 3  
Some of our original music has been licensed for this Award Winning videogame by Ubisoft. (Playstation 3 / XBOX 360)

Trailer Music Tracks:Battle Dragon  
We composed & produced some powerful cinematic tracks for this upcoming compilation release by Superior Music Audio.

The collection features Action-Adventure Cinematic Themes, Orchestra, Choirs, Nu-Metal Guitars and Epic Drums.
Pro Zombie Soccer Apocalypse:Best Original Soundtrack
Jorge & Guillermo Badolato´s PZS soundtrack finalist
"Best Original Soundtrack" Award, Gamelab 2011 Awards
Pro Zombie Soccer Soundtrack:NOW on iTunes
Sound: - 5/5 - Awesome rock soundtrack, well varied and likeable. There’s not much more you could ask from a game now adays." | Mobile Tech Review |

~ Awards:
Nominated Best Original Soundtrack Award, 2011 Gamelab.
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Badolato Music on TV:AXN´s "Insert Coin"
We were recently interviewed for this videogame show, wich is being aired on both AXN and ANIMAX TV channels.
Watch it HERE!

"A few weeks ago, we talked with the composers @ Badolato Music. Among their works you´ll find a lot of games... more likely than not, chances are you've heard some of their music.."
Vin Diesel´s Wheelman
Jorge & Guillermo Badolato composed and produced the intense cinematic soundtrack of Vin Diesel´s Wheelman videogame by Midway Games | Tigon Studios | Ubisoft | MTV Games.

"The soundtrack was awesome, packed full of a variety of different songs that will have you ready to steal cars or die trying." | |
Animation Movie Santa Versus Claus
Full original soundtrack, sound design & voice-over production for this 85 minutes Christmas movie filmed in High Definition.

"The end result is one of the film’s strengths and its success can greatly be attributed to the work of Jorge and Guillermo.  Top qualities: Great Results, High Integrity, Creative." | Christopher Doyle, Producer & Director |   logo_ubisoft.ok   logo_microsoft.ok   logo_tigon.ok   logo_consola.iphone.ok   logo_playstation.ok   logo_consola.nintendo.ds.ok   logo_scea.ok   logo_consola.wii.ok

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